riddex electronic pest repellerRiddex Plus Electronic Pest Repeller

One of the biggest nuisances a homeowner can face is an infestation – mice or bugs, they both equal trouble! When I was researching pest control options, the fact that the riddex plus electronic pest repeller kept turning up no matter what pest control tip site I was reading made me naturally curious.

Evidently, this little unit just plugs into a wall and emanates a sonic pulse that human ears won’t be bothered by, but drives pests nuts. In fact, it’s so potent, the company issues a warning against use to those that keep rodents or snakes as pets in cages!

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Riddex Plus Reviews: What are people saying?

The riddex electronic pest repeller gets very high marks from people that live in tropical areas that have problems with spiders and snakes, with users noting a difference in a relatively short time. Evidence of spiders, such as webs and eggs, stopped appearing in corners only a few days after plugging in the unit for some people.

Some recounts described bugs marching in circles outside, their sensors disrupted by the silent sonic pulse of the unit and unable to even enter the home. I feel this is an excellent “point” in favor of using this pest control solution – not only does it keeps pests out of the home, but has a visible effect on them that can be observed as well.

Riddex Electronic Pest Repeller: Why use it?

According to the riddex plus reviews I read online, some people tried it only because other alternatives weren’t viable – spraying chemicals around pets, for example – but left the users pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the riddex plus electronic pest repeller.

Safe for use around children and all animals except the aforementioned rodents and snakes, the repeller is a welcome solution for those that dislike the pollution and hassle of traditional bombs, sprays, and house treatments.

If you’re looking to shoo out bothersome critters, keep your kitchen clean and sanitary, and ensure no bug infestation can harm your home or family, this economical unit, with an effect that covers 2,000 square feet, is the place to look!

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riddex plus electronic pest repeller

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